Enchanting Kids Play Room Design Ideas On A Budget 36
Enchanting Kids Play Room Design Ideas On A Budget 36

37 Enchanting Kids Play Room Design Ideas On A Budget

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Your kid’s room is a reflection of his/her personality and taste. Some parents go the extra mile to please the preferences of their kids when it comes to designing and decorating their little ones’ sanctuary. However, not every parent can afford a professional design team to create an awesome and pricey kid’s room.

This is where your creativity and cooperation as a family can benefit from and you can use these 5 practical tips to design your kid’s room that he/she will enjoy for many years.

(1) Avoid kiddie themes

Kiddie themes such as cartoon characters, superheroes and cute animals can be fun, but your kid will not remain 3 or 5 years old forever. If you are thinking about this just because your kid wants a themed room, chances are he/she will outgrow it after a few years. Themed kiddie rooms are also sometimes more pricey since you are required to stick to the color theme and design- from paint color to the bed sheets.

(2) Use color to bring in the fun and youthful atmosphere

It is better to go for a casual but young and fresh approach to decorating your kid’s room. By using colorful paints on the walls, ceilings and furniture, you can capture youth and fun without being exclusive on a particular theme. Adding more color is also easy by providing your kid’s room colorful bed sets, accessories and rugs.

(3) Choose quality furniture

Your kid’s room will need quality furniture that will stand the test of time. The bed and cabinets are bigger pieces of furniture and they are more expensive than the rest; so it is essential to invest a bit more if you are after quality. It is also practical to buy a big bed for your kid so he/she won’t outgrow it come his/her teenage years. This is one costly mistake that some parents make because they focus mainly on aesthetics rather than quality and function.

You can always add fun to a serious-looking huge bed by painting it to complement the color theme of the room. Throw in some colorful bed sheets, pillows and blankets to make it more appealing and pleasing to your kid’s eyes.

(4) Organization and storage

It is a good idea to instil organization and cleanliness to your kid. But not every kid enjoys picking up his/her mess after playing, so it is important to provide your kid’s room with proper storage bins or baskets to maintain a clean and organized room. These pieces of furniture should also exude fun and enjoyment for your kid. By giving your kid the responsibility of caring and keeping his/her own stuff, he/she may realize the importance of storing them in a safe place. Make sure to keep this furniture pleasing to your kid’s eyes by adding a splash of color.

(5) Safe lights and flooring

Your kid will need proper lighting not just for play and studying. Nightlights are also essential, so make sure to provide these types of lighting that are safe and kid-friendly. Same goes for flooring. If possible, provide soft cushion such as rug, carpet or soft floor mats to your kid’s room.

Designing and decorating your kid’s room doesn’t have to be pricey and exclusive. Remember that your kid will grow and may not enjoy the same things as he/she was a kid. So it is ideal to design a kid’s room that will appeal to him/her even in the years to come.