Incredible Light Decor Ideas For Home 12
Incredible Light Decor Ideas For Home 12

40 Incredible Light Decor Ideas For Home

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One of the most exciting aspects of building a new home, doing an overhaul or a major renovation is choosing light fixtures and d├ęcor. Here are a few tips on picking out home lighting.

Wall lighting

This is a common design feature in the facade of homes. Its main function is outdoor illumination. In addition, outdoor lighting increases the perimeter security of a property. For illumination around the external space, wall lights can be placed 8-10 feet from each other. The recommended distance from the ground is about 5.5 feet (66 inches). It also ideal to affix them on either side of the main door. If the overall design calls for just, it must be placed on the side where the keyhole is located.

Other typical applications of wall lighting are powder rooms and bathrooms. The most basic requirement of a small bathroom is a single wall light. Typically, the light is mounted over the bathroom mirror-the most strategic location. To provide adequate illumination to the whole area, the fixture must measure at least 24 inches. As the room’s dimensions get bigger, the lighting requirement is increased. If there are two sinks inside the bathroom, it is best to affix them above each mirror. The second option is to go for a light placed in between the two sinks of such length that offers adequate illumination. Finding a long wall light that suits the design of the bathroom might prove a bit more difficult. This is why many homeowners choose the first option.


Homeowners who want a multi-tiered chandelier on their foyer are usually concerned about the size of the chandelier, as well as the height of installation. Most of the foyer lighting options are chandeliers with at least two tiers. Internal decorators use a formula for determining the right width of a chandelier so that it fits the foyer of a home perfectly. They add up the dimensions of the foyer in feet to have an idea of the dimensions of the chandelier that will fit the space. With regard to height, the chandelier’s height must be at least seven feet from the ground. If the ceiling is high enough, the chandelier can sit about eight-nine feet from the floor.

Meanwhile, the dimensions of dining room chandeliers depend mostly on the measurement of the dining room table. The general rule is to choose a chandelier that does not exceed the size of the table. For dining room lighting, the same measurement must be made of the size of the room to determine the chandelier’s dimensions. In terms of distance from the suspended chandelier to the surface of the table, the recommended minimum is at least 2.5 feet (30 inches).