Outstanding Traditional Decor Ideas For Anyroom 11
Outstanding Traditional Decor Ideas For Anyroom 11

35 Outstanding Traditional Decor Ideas For Anyroom

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Some people get confused about what a traditionally styled interior should really look like. It’s not difficult. This type of design is classic…and  is always comfortable. Rooms are balanced, chairs and lamps are paired and matched, and the rooms are orderly and predictable. If you have a breakfront, even your china and glassware will be displayed in pairs.

Furniture and wall groupings are centered, and everything in the room is of the same style. Sofas and chairs will be upholstered, comfortable, and casual. The lines will be unfussy and simple. Fabrics are smooth, or lightly textured, not shiny, with pin stripes, small overall patterns, florals, and quiet plaids.

Throw pillows are tailored to match the furniture they rest on. There is no room in this design for eclectic elements of surprise. All your woods will  match. The room may be done in cherry wood, mahogany, or walnut, for example, but every piece will be the same.

Sofas and chairs will line the walls or face each other for conversational groupings. In bedrooms, the bed will be centered on the longest wall, with dresser and chest of drawers centered on two other walls if at all possible. All furniture in your bedroom will match.

Chair rails go well in this style, with either painted or wallpapered walls. Both can be used, with paint below and paper above the rail. Trim and moldings are often painted a glossy white, and ceilings are white.

The formal dining room will have a rectangular table, with armed chairs at the ends and armless ones on the sides. A china cabinet, buffet, or sideboard will match the table and be placed centered on one wall. Hardwood floors with a Persian carpet will finish the look perfectly.