Elegant Kids Bedroom Design Ideas For Little Girls 11
Elegant Kids Bedroom Design Ideas For Little Girls 11

39 Elegant Kids Bedroom Design Ideas For Little Girls

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Decorating your daughter’s bedroom can be tough. The biggest challenge being to figure out a way to make the room grow up with her. Naturally, you wouldn’t expect your child to want to have cartoons on her walls forever.

This makes it necessary for you be able to choose a design scheme that is bound to catch up with her and her growing environment. This allows you to save a lot of money on having to remodel her room every now and then. Here are a few ideas that you might want to consider when decorating your daughter’s room.

Take it to Hollywood

A Hollywood inspired room is absolutely timeless. Kids at a young age love to dress up and sing along to their favorite pop stars. This is something that girls never out grow. The trick with designing bedrooms for little girls is choosing designs that you are sure they will love forever.

A Hollywood inspired room is something she will love even as she grows up into a teen. IN addition to this, achieving the look is simple and easy. Choose red as the color of the carpet, this never fails to make her feel like a star. Put on bright lights for her dresser and mirrors to create that fabulous effect.

Make a bed for a Princess

Little girls are known to love princesses. As they grow up, they still act like little princesses wherever they go. Turn her room into a place fit for royalty. Color the walls with shades of pink and brown to create that old Victorian look.

Apply the same color scheme for the furniture. You might want to stick with wooden pieces as they give off a classy effect. Fill the place with big fluffy pillows that have tassels and jewels. Drapes are also helpful, big heavy curtains create an aura of sophistication. Plus it allows her to imagine that she lives on top of a high towered castle.

Go Retro

The wild colors of the 70s are the great for bedrooms. Your daughter is sure to love the wild psychedelic themes that dominated this time period. Putting together a retro room is easy and fun. You can even have her put in her own personal touches as she grows up.

Have stickers fill the walls and even the headboard of the bed. Replace curtains with stringed beads of different colors that touch the floor. Bring on the flower power with posters and art pieces that changed the world.