Unordinary Wedding Backdrop Decoration Ideas 05
Unordinary Wedding Backdrop Decoration Ideas 05

37 Unordinary Wedding Backdrop Decoration Ideas

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Decorating for your wedding should be an enjoyable experience. After all, a wedding is supposed to be a joyful event. Unfortunately, some brides turn into monsters when making wedding arrangements. Instead of ruining the event, step back and relax. Consider wedding backdrops and other simple decorations to adorn your wedding location.

Wedding decorations should add fun, style and drama to your big day. Deciding on decorations for the ceremony and the reception area can be intimidating. Nevertheless, with the right affordable wedding decoration ideas, you could have a stylish and elegant event without going bankrupt.

Check out these three great wedding decoration ideas:

1. Make your own wedding tree by finding long branches or twigs around three to four feet high. Cut them and remove the leaves, then spray paint them to match the color scheme of your wedding. Place the branches in a vase with decorative rocks. You could also hang crystals or beads on it. This can make one large centerpiece or several pieces for every table. Making a wedding tree also serves as a wish tree where guests could hang well wishes for the newlyweds.

2. Decorate with lights. Provide plenty of lights for your wedding reception. Get rope lights, candles or Christmas lights to add sparkle to the reception. You can hang Christmas lights and wrap rope lights to make for a more dramatic wedding reception. The lights are affordable, and add elegance to the special occasion. You can even reuse the lights for the holidays.

3. Decorate your wedding with pictures, which include placing several photographs of you and your mate near the wedding cake. You could also add pictures of both sets of parents. Ensure that there is a large picture of the bride and groom at a noticeable location in the reception, such as the entrance.

4. Use wedding backdrops. Wedding backdrops can be used at the ceremony or reception. Many brides use decorative columns decorated with flowers or balloons. Arches are popular as well.