Fabulous Bathroom Design Ideas With Boho Curtains 32
Fabulous Bathroom Design Ideas With Boho Curtains 32

37 Fabulous Bathroom Design Ideas With Boho Curtains

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Everyone needs privacy. No one wants to be exposed at their most vulnerable moment, especially when being naked. With this said, the bathroom is supposed to be a place of privacy and solitude. But it can’t be if your windows are not covered with a frosted glass or a bathroom curtain.

Bathroom curtains are different from the types of curtains you buy for your living room or kitchen. They need to be heavy enough to provide privacy when necessary, but light enough to let sunlight come though. You don’t want a curtain that makes your bathroom bleak and dark!

There are multitudes of styles and colors to choose from. Here are some tips that can help you when making your purchase:

1) Coordination – When deciding to buy bathroom curtains consider buying a whole theme or set of coordinating pieces to tie your colors together. Sometimes curtains have matching rugs, shower curtains and accessories that can be purchased separately. This will save you a great deal of time, since you can get everything you need with minimal effort.

2) Fabric Choice- The material you select for your bathroom windows must be able to withstand the humid, moist, damp atmosphere of the bathroom. Make sure the fabric is mildew resistant. You also don’t want to select fabrics that are dry clean only, since they probably can be damaged by the moisture and water in the typical bathroom. Try to select easy to clean and wash fabrics such as cotton.

3) Measure the length- Take care to measure what length you want your curtains to be. Floor length curtains are not a great idea, since the bathroom again is a wet place. You don’t want your curtains hanging in a puddle where they can potentially get mildewed. Since children also tend to use the bathroom by themselves you don’t want to tempt them with a beautiful curtain to play with after they finish do their business. Pick shorter lengths for your peace of mind.

4) Shop for the best bargain – Although department stores do carry bathroom curtains as well as discount outlets, purchasing your bathroom curtains online gives you more options. The selection online is virtually endless, a one stop shopping place where you can get everything you need. Using the internet also allows you to price curtains from different distributors. Most major department stores are online, with internet only deals.