Outstanding Garden Party Decorating Ideas For Birthday 26
Outstanding Garden Party Decorating Ideas For Birthday 26

39 Outstanding Garden Party Decorating Ideas For Birthday

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If you’re youngster loves In the Night Garden, then why not have an In the Night Garden themed party. By introducing a theme into your children’s party it much easier to plan and makes it both fun and entertaining for the guests too.


To begin you will need to send invitations to the guest of your party. Invitations can be purchased or alternatively if you have the time and a little creativity, you can make your own. If you’re not able to find any In the Night Garden invitations to buy, then try to find some generic children’s party invitations, maybe even with moons or stars to somewhat highlight the theme you’ve chosen.


It’s important that your party guests are entertained and enjoy the party, so you will need to plan and select what entertainment your guests with enjoy, possibilities are; games, art and crafts and other fun activities. If you plan to have party games, then bring the In the Night Garden theme into the games as well. By playing music from the show or other fun children’s music that the guests will enjoy listening too. You can also use this for party games like Pass the Parcel and Musical Chairs. If your party games need prizes, you can purchase some In the Night Garden gifts for prizes to keep the party theme running.

Decorations and Supplies

To make a party look like a party, you’ll need some decorations. Choose some In the Night Garden party supplies and decorations to brighten up both the room and the party table. When you’re shopping for party supplies and decorations for your party, you might like to consider; party hats, plates, cups, cutlery, table covers, a banner, centerpiece decorations, a pinata, party blowers, favors, gifts and streamers.


whether you’re catering for a small or large crowd, it’s important to keep the party food simple. Some of the most popular party foods among kids are; sausage rolls, party pies, pizza fingers, chips, cakes and biscuits. Sandwiches are also great for parties and you can have a variety of fillings on offer. You can also cut them and other appropriate foods into fun shapes with cookie cutters to add to the theme of the party too. One of the most important foods will be the birthday cake, which you can either purchase or make yourself. Either way it’s great if you can have the cake decorated in the In the Night Garden theme too.

With a little bit of party planning and some creativity, you and your guests can have a fun and memorable In the Night Garden birthday party that both you and the kids will enjoy.