Beautiful Flower Beds Ideas For Home 21
Beautiful Flower Beds Ideas For Home 21

39 Beautiful Flower Beds Ideas For Home

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If you are into gardening, you obviously know what a difference a border can make to your flower bed. It is not just about giving your garden a polished look. It is about improving visual appeal and creating your own style.

Although the edging ideas are only limited by your imagination, here are some popular ideas that you can borrow to enhance the look of your garden.

o Plants: This is the most commonly used edging. You can use plants like shrubs, perennials, flowering plants or even small trees around the border of your flower bed. The idea is to have plants that are big enough to attract attention but not so big that you would have to spend all your time pruning and maintaining them.

A broad border is suitable for beds with tall flowers. You have tall edging to give your home privacy and this is more suitable for the boundaries of your garden or where there is a garden bench. You can use flowering plants like asters, geraniums, chrysanthemums or tulips to make a colorful flower bed edging. If you want a hedge-like look, then opt for herbs.

o Flagstones: Usually people use flagstones in the space between the lawn and the flower beds. This method of edging ends up giving the garden a English-garden appearance. In addition, flagstones offer an outlet for water and make mowing rather easy.

o Terracotta Tiles: You can use different colored terracotta tiles cut into decorative shapes and sizes, and bury them partially near the flower bed. You do not have worry about maintenance and at the same time end up with a novel landscaping idea.

o Bricks: You can use bricks, especially mismatched ones, to give your flower bed a domino effect. Although many people use red bricks, you can use colored ones too. This type of edging is easy to lay down and offers an easy outlet for excess drainage water from the flower bed.