Incredible Coastal Dining Room 38
Incredible Coastal Dining Room 38

48 Incredible Coastal Dining Room

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If you are an ocean or beach lover who adores the smell of the ocean breeze and the warm feeling of sand squished between your toes, it is a great idea to bring home this wondrous feeling by decorating your home with nautical home d├ęcor and accessories.

Turning your home into a relaxing nautical retreat is not that difficult. In fact, with these amazing tips, you will be able to enjoy a more beautiful home that resembles the beauty of a coastal scene.

1. Choose the Right Color Theme

Color is a crucial design element so you need to find the perfect colors that will give your home a nautical look. Colors in the nautical palette include white, blue, navy blue, khaki, and sea green. These typical color schemes are commonly used for the walls, flooring and for big pieces of furniture.

However, you can add life to the room by including brighter colors such as yellow, orange, and red in the form of colored seashells, nautical flags, coastal wall art, and photographs.

It is important to select color groups that complement and blend well with each other. Combinations of blues, greens and neutrals are often great to use for any room especially in the living area or the bedroom.

2. Bring the Flavor to the Dining Room

A nautical dining room will make you feel like you are having a picnic lunch on the beach so it would be best if you can use green chairs or folding chairs. Dinnerware can have designs of seashells or sea animals. Some of the popular themes for the dining room that you can choose from include sailboats, lobsters, fish, and seashells.

3. Whip up Nautical Feast in the Kitchen

A kitchen can be made to look like a scene from the coast by incorporating nautical designs on windows of the kitchen. This is great as long as the designs are light, airy or breezy. You can also use nautical accessories such as pots, jars, dishtowels, potholders and so many more.

4. Liven up the Living Area

For the living room, you can use coastal wall art to add a nautical touch to it. Include accents and accessories such as lighthouse shaped candle holders, beach lantern, seashell decorations, miniature sailboats and sailing flags. You can place the sitting area on top of a nautical inspired rug or carpet.

5. Spunk up the Bedroom

If you want to keep it simple, painting your bedroom with a nautical palette and throwing in a few nautical accessories such as tropical wall art, model ships, lighthouse miniatures, and so on, is probably enough to do the job. But if you want something extreme, try buying a customized bed shaped like a boat or a ship.

6. Make the Bathroom a Cozy Retreat

When decorating a bathroom, it is a must to choose shower curtain, rugs and bathroom accessories that go with its color theme or have a patterns of boats, anchors, seashells, ship wheels or anything that would give your bathroom a nautical feel.