Exciting Christmas Table Decoration Ideas 20
Exciting Christmas Table Decoration Ideas 20

49 Exciting Christmas Table Decoration Ideas

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Christmas table decorations can really bring about the holiday spirit into your home. Depending on the decoration that you choose the prices can vary greatly. The economy in today’s times can make it hard to purchase the decorations that we would like to have. Well there is a great alternative to buying Christmas table decorations.

Have you ever thought about making your own decorations? This is something that you and the whole family can participate in and have a great time doing. You will find in this article a great idea for making your own Christmas decorations.

This decoration that can be crafted is Styrofoam snowmen. This is very simple to make and the materials needed are very cheap. The materials that you need are three styrofoam balls in sizes of 2 , 2 ½ and 3 inch increments. You also need four toothpicks, small black pom poms, glue, ribbon and a piece of orange chenille stem. With the largest piece of styrofoam you want to take a knife and cut a flat surface for the snowman to stand up.

Next take one of the toothpicks and press into the top of the bottom ball. Once you have done this, take the mid-size ball and press onto the other half of the toothpick. With a second toothpick, press it a little more than half way into the mid-size ball.

Then place the smallest ball onto the other half of the toothpick. This will make the head portion of the snowman. Once we have done all of this we are half way done with our Christmas table decoration.

Once we have done all of this we can take the remaining two toothpicks and place them on either side of the snowman. This will represent the arms. Now we want to take the glue and the small black pom poms and place the eyes, buttons and mouth.

Now for the nose we will use the piece of orange chenille stem. The final piece of material that is to be used is the ribbon that will be glued around the nick. The will resemble the scarf that the snowman will wear.

Christmas table decorations are the perfect items to bring about the Christmas spirit into your home. Christmas is a wonderful time of the year and you should want to display your holiday spirit everywhere. This includes your table area.