Easy Diy Couple Apartment Decorating Ideas 18
Easy Diy Couple Apartment Decorating Ideas 18

49 Easy Diy Couple Apartment Decorating Ideas

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When I met my boyfriend, he had only been living in his apartment for several months. The walls were bare white, except for a few beat up posters. He had a used, pink comforter on his bed. There was an old, ratty loveseat in the living room and in the kitchen an island without any stools.

After dating for a couple of months, we decided to revamp the d├ęcor in his apartment. Only thing, we wanted to do it on a tight budget.

The first idea we had was to decorate the walls with pictures I had taken in a nearby park. We had the pictures blown up and purchased frames for about fifteen-dollars each at Walmart. Not only do they nicely decorate the walls, but they are a reminder of our first day, during which we went to the same park.

We also ventured to IKEA where we decided on a nature picture and matching frame for a total of about thirty dollars. Walls check!

Next on our list was the pink comforter. We decided to also utilize Wal-Mart’s low-prices and purchased a navy blue bed-in-a-bag for under a hundred dollars. Bedroom, check! And what about the ratty loveseat? Did we throw it out and get a new one? On our tight budget, we opted for a slipcover that we ordered from Target.

I accented the slipcover with some decorative pillows to make the perfect seating area. Living room, check! Finally, for the kitchen, instead of a table, we got three bar stools for the island, making the perfect dining area.