Stunning First Couple Apartment Decorating Ideas 42
Stunning First Couple Apartment Decorating Ideas 42

50 Stunning First Couple Apartment Decorating Ideas

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One of the drawbacks of renting is that you are fairly limited as to what you can do to enhance your decor. Most landlords do not allow you to change any of the wall or floor coverings so you kind of have to live with what you have. To make matters worse, most apartments are bland with off white walls and beige rugs.

So what’s a renter that wants snazzy digs to do?

First of all, you can talk to your landlord and see if he or she is receptive to you giving the apartment a makeover. If you present them with a good overall plan, including colors and materials you might be surprised at what they will say.

You may even be able to take some money off your rent in exchange for sprucing the place up! Having said that, most landlords probably won’t want anything too funky so you’ll have to stick to something that will be easily rentable once you move out.

That custom made zebra print wallpaper might not work, but you can paint the walls an earthtone color and put some zebra print pillow around the room as a compromise.

Another thing to consider is that since it is only a rental, you might want to really give some thought as to how much time and money you want to spend. Of course, you want the place to look nice while you are living there, but if you will be moving in another 6 months it’s probably not worth spending thousands of dollars and 8 weeks to fix it up.

If, however, you are committed to living there for the next several years then it might be a good investment to spend some time and money.

If your landlord gives you the OK to paint and replace flooring, it’s best to go with neutrals and earthtones and let your accessories jazz up the place, but even if your landlord won’t allow you to paint, there’s still quite a few things you can do to give your apartment some pizzaz.