Modern And Minimalist Living Room Design Ideas 21
Modern And Minimalist Living Room Design Ideas 21

45 Modern And Minimalist Living Room Design Ideas

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If you are in the process of designing your home, you will know that contemporary designs are what is popular right now, especially, if you are part of a modern family or power couple.

If you still live with your parents or even grandparents, then they might not be as enthusiastic about a contemporary design. Don’t just assume that they won’t like it though, ask them and see what they prefer. They might surprise you and like some of the modern, European furniture designs.

If you are thinking of redesigning your living room and you want some ideas to make it look contemporary, then read further on and you will feel like you know exactly what you want for your living room.


The television is usually the focal point of the room. All the chairs and even the tables are situated facing the television so that people don’t have problems seeing the screen. This is true for a contemporary design as well.

For the television, you will want a flat screen and you will want it to be the perfect size for the space that you have. A big room will look better with a bigger TV in it and a smaller room will need a medium sized television.

You do not want a big TV for a smaller room because it will make the room look even smaller and the television will look ridiculous.

Now, you should be aiming for the television to be mounted on the wall and for the wires to be hidden. You do not want the wires to be hanging down to the floor. When you are having your walls plastered, ask if there is a way that they can hide the wires within the wall.

For your DVD or Blu-ray player, or even your gaming consoles, you can hide them in a floating shelf unit. The wires will need to be also hidden inside the walls. If you are not sure what color unit you want yet, wait until you have chosen the color of you sofa and even the color of the floor.


The sofa is a very important choice because you will need it to fit in with the theme but you also want it to be comfortable as well since you will be sitting on it a lot. You will be on that sofa more than you will on any other piece of furniture in the home.

Now, a lot of people think that for a contemporary look, the sofa will have to be leather, but that is not true. It can be made of other materials but it can only be one color. The contemporary style does not allow for patterned materials to be on the sofa because they look more traditional.


For your storage options, you should be looking at the slim boxed shelves that you may have seen on certain furniture websites that specialize in European furniture. They are minimalistic and the connecting features are all hidden. This gives them the contemporary floating shelf look. You can also get these shelves with doors on the boxes so that you can hide some items that you want to be on the shelves.


You can have whatever flooring that you want as long as it isn’t patterned. Wooden floors might look too traditional but a light colored wood would be fine. Just make sure that everything one color, and add some color with floor mats, or other accessories around the room.