Fantastic Dental Office Decorating Ideas 33
Fantastic Dental Office Decorating Ideas 33

45 Fantastic Dental Office Decorating Ideas

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When my brother purchased his dental practice in 2004, he felt like he was operating in the Dark Ages. As a new, wrestling dentist low on funds and making an attempt to establish his practice, he couldn’t afford to update his eighties-style office ( I know, I had to sit in the dental chair and stare at the appalling wallpaper ), but worse still, he was trying to operate the practice without-gulp!-dental software.

While these conditions may not seem so bad to the common observer, for my brother– let’s call him Dentist Dan ( that is what I call him, anyhow ) –it was a source of both humiliation and frustration, especially when all the other dentists in the area had fantastically decorated offices and the most recent dental software technology.

Don’t get me wrong, Dentist Dan had all of the mandatory tools to provide wonderful patient care and once he hooked me up to the nitrous oxide for my procedures, I found the wallpaper to be quite tolerable.

As time and funds allowed, Dentist Dan had the good sense to forego new internal design plans for the office, opting instead to speculate in a reliable dental software programme. While display is clearly critical in creating a nice experience for your patients, no sort of waterfalls, chandeliers and marble floors can compensate for solid, streamlined office processes. Some features to consider before you invest in a dental software program include:

Flexibleness: Can the program be simply tailored to your needs? What are the digital radiography and integration capabilities?

Trustworthiness: Does the programme have enough power that it will not crash? Is there sufficient and useful support available?

Practicality: Is the programme user-friendly enough that everyone in your office can learn it without being techies?

Innovation: Can the program grow with your practice?

Dentist Dan’s office has come a long way since the Dark Ages of building his first practice. Gone is the floor-to-ceiling wallpaper typical of eighties decor. It’s very friendly and updated and I’m happy with it, not only because it’s my brother’s dental practice, but because it now exudes professionalism he merits.

But more important than the vast enhancements in interior decor is the efficient manner in which the office runs thanks to the quality dental software used. Thanks to modern dental management technology, my bro and his team are efficient and alert.