Adorable Modern French Apartment Décor Ideas 43
Adorable Modern French Apartment Décor Ideas 43

49 Adorable Modern French Apartment Décor Ideas

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Nowadays, less and less people opt for a French decoration in their home. Several individuals prefer more modern and refreshing furniture. What they don’t know is that by using them in a moderated and smart way, French style accessories can bring accents and boldness into any room decor. Let’s look at French style home accessories.

In French decor, metal is a very important element, especially iron. The color and texture bring an edge to the room. For example, beautifully forged and detailed curtain rods or hold-backs can accentuate your living room. An iron shelf in your bathroom bring elegance to a modern design. Not only that, but the color of the iron adds a touch of boldness that metals used nowadays don’t have.

Another important thing in French design is ornaments. Usually, these are found on wallpaper. While many think that wallpaper is outdated and distracting, it is making a popular comeback. They actually demonstrate sophistication, but shouldn’t be used in overabundance. They do become detracting when abused, rest assured though, one wall of wallpaper will not do any damage.

French tableware is full of intricate designs and drawings that some find old fashioned. On the other hand, when the proper dressings are chosen to fit the style of the room, they emphasize certain aspects of the decor, such as textures and colors.

Regularly, these motifs are flowers, patterns, or complicated ornaments. Apart from iron, another material often seen in this kind of home styles is clay. Especially found in the kitchen for storage purposes, pottery brings an old look to a modern home decor.

You know what they say, balance is everything! French pottery is naturally decorated with intricate ornaments, just like the tableware; but now there are more and more modern and abstract designs. These join together the traditional and the modern to create beautifully crafted objects.

To decorate your walls, you can use either baroque style paintings that represent important historical characters or scenes with amazing details. Another, more modern option would be advertising prints or enamel signs; both very popular in France. They possess their own style of shading and drawing which make them unique and attracting and fitting to any setting or decor.

Last but not least, don’t forget about the bedroom. This holds many opportunities for any style, but the French one particularly. As this kind of decor is mainly about elegance and femininity, the main colors for bedlinen are creme, beige and white. Most common beds in this style are canopy beds, usually draped or with a veil.