Totally Inspiring Wooden Chair Designs For Living Room 34
Totally Inspiring Wooden Chair Designs For Living Room 34

44 Totally Inspiring Wooden Chair Designs For Living Room

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Whenever someone says Indian furniture, the first pictures that come in people’s minds are the ancient diwans and the palatial king size beds. However, it is a misconception that Indian furniture is only the ancient type of furniture.

Today, one can find all kinds of modern furniture made by Indian craftsman in wood. If you are looking for living room furniture, here is the different types of furniture that can be created in wood by Indian furniture makers.

Television Cabinet:

An entire television cabinet, complete with place for DVD storage, DVD player and keeping space for the biggest television cabinet you can think of. The wooden television cabinet is an elegant and thoughtful addition to the living room.

Wooden television cabinets are available in various designs, shapes and sizes. One would just need to go through the catalogues of the designs and styles that are available.

Book Shelves:

No living room is complete without a reading spot. Wooden bookshelves add a certain amount of life and style to any room. If you are looking for a bookshelf made of wood, you will find that various kinds of wood can be used to prepare a bookshelf, right from sandalwood to teakwood.

Tables and Chairs:

Indian furniture is a plethora of choices, right from small center tables to big dining tables, to the ever busy work tables; one would find all kinds of tables and the accompanying chairs that they might be looking for. These tables and chairs are made from various types of wood and are as durable and elegant as any other type of furniture.


Indian wooden furniture is particular rich in the types and designs of seating arrangements, like the sofas and the chairs. There are several types of sofas available that can be considered to be Indian style, right from the diwan to the charpai.

The diwan is something similar to a couch, while a charpai is one of the best seating arrangements that you might wish for if you looking to add a rustic look to your living room furniture.